The Madison County Juneteenth Organization (MCJO), located in Madisonville, Texas, was formed in 1985. Within the first 10 years, the organization purchased and paid for a 100 x 50 ft building and thirteen acres of land.

We are so thankful to our original founders and members for this organization. They consisted of a group of older community members who had lived though and experienced some gloomy eras for Blacks in American history. Through all their ups and downs, these individuals had a vision to preserve our African American legacy. Thanks to them, we have a place to gather and celebrate Juneteenth, the American holiday that commemorates the abolition of slavery in Texas and the emancipation of enslaved African Americans.

Juneteenth Flag


The vision of the MCJO is to transform the lives of students and families through education and awareness.


The mission of the MCJO, in partnership with other community agents, is to educate and raise awareness in educational, social, and economic development areas in a safe risk-free environment.


The purpose of the MCJO is to support the local schools and education entities, provide recreation and outreach services to the community, and to preserve African American heritage. 

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